The Ties That Bind Are Tenuous Indeed

Diamonds & Guns

“Diamonds & Guns”

1:00 am***

I awoke in Dorian’s bed by his phone ringing. His company, Old World Aesthetics – a securing Management company, was expecting a big incoming and outgoing shipment.

Dorian is supposed to report to the FedEx location on Powers. He tells me he will be back when he can, as FedEx is the primary group for odd outgoing shipments. With a kiss he is out the door, leaving me behind in a big, empty bed. If only I knew this was the last bit of good sleep I’d have in a while, I would have enjoyed it more.

Roth is meeting with Nikos. Roth is told he needs to investigate and track somebody, but he’s keeping that name under wraps.

Genevieve is rudely attacked in her own home by two men in suits. They hold onto Simon and throw him against the wall, causing him to lose his towel, since he just got out of the shower. As the men hold Simon against the wall, Robert DeSantis walks in—Genevieve’s father. With a nod of Robert’s head, Simon is taken out of the room, leaving only Genevieve remaining with her father.

Robert is disproving of her choice of lover, which Genevieve doesn’t take well. He tells her something big is in play, and he needs to meet her tonight for dinner. Her talents will be needed. Then, he calls and his men return, leaving Simon alone in the bedroom. Robert leaves without a backward glance at his furious daughter.

Corin sends the whole group a text:

September, 7, 2013***
Late Morning

Text to Eleora:

I call Genevieve for help…she is the only person I can trust with my relationship with Dorian. Genevieve says she can meet me at my house at 3:30pm…she has something she needs to deal with. I agree and head off to Dorian.

When I get to FedEx I find Dorian covered in blood, as he has been shot in the shoulder. Frustratingly, he’s pretty out of it and can’t explain what happened. All I can get together is I need to get this box in the Escalade and Dorian back to my house. I leave my car behind and give the guy at the gate a $100 to get my car back to my house. He agrees, and I drive away in Dorian’s Escalade with a bleeding boyfriend and a giant metal box in the back.

3:30 pm***

Eleora, Genevieve & Dorian at Eleora’s House:
My white couch is covered in my boyfriend’s blood. That sucks.

Genevieve has arrived and she’s helped me remove the bullet from Dorian’s shoulder. She’s wrapped the wound and he is currently slipping in and out of consciousness on the couch. Meanwhile, I have a bullet-laden black Escalade in my driveway and a large metal coffin-shaped box in my living room. I have asked Genevieve to see if she senses any life in the coffin, and she doesn’t. So, we decide to open it.

Inside the box is a mummy in a white linen suit with a fedora on his head. He promptly sits up and declares, “Thirty-six hours in a box. Whew. I’m glad to be out of there.” The mummy has a posh English accent, and he hops out of the box.

Both Genevieve and I are stunned and don’t know what to say. We start to stutter out words, and he seems to know what we are asking.

“Since I’m dead, it is easier for me to be shipped in a box from Egypt. I trade in equities. My name is Quinn.”

In the box, after we utilize Google, we see a hieroglyphic of “Ra-Hortkay” and that happens to be Horace the Sky God in Egyptian mythology.

We also learn more about Quinn. His full name is Quinn Wetshire, born in London in 1887. He was sent to Egypt during the colonial expansions for Britain. He disappeared before World War I under suspicious circumstances.

Fast-forward: Quinn is trying to give Dorian a gin & tonic to help with the pain, while he enjoys his own. We learn from Quinn that he has something Genevive’s father, Robert DeSantis, wants. The Eye of Horace is supposed to arrive in town later today, and Quinn calls it a wedjet. This is something that allows you to trace the untraceable, a true-nature tracker, allows you to open what is meant to be closed, and vice versa. Basically, not good for evil DeSantis to have his hands on. Crap.

Also, there is a dagger that is also Egyptian. Quinn refuses to tell anyone anything else, unless he gets his “non-life insurance policy.” He also says he has a decoy for the Eye of Horace being shipped.

Genevieve reveals that her father visited her earlier that night, hence her delay, and that he was out-bidden for the Eye. He said it was prudent that she knows that, since her path and his might cross again (he’s forcing her to see him that night for dinner). Needless to say, Genevieve is not thrilled that this prediction has come to fruition. She hates her father, and that is putting it lightly. Genevieve says that Jermaine Black, the owner of Old World Aesthetics, won the bid. Crap. I know him, he’s Dorian’s boss, and I share that with Genevieve & Quinn, because it seems like it can’t be a secret, since we’ve got the Mummy, carrier of the Eye, in my house because of Dorian.

Zahir is driving around town. He’s talking to his spirit, The Machinist (his name from the ‘60s), who sound uncannily like “Siri” who announces Zahir has a message from TOK:

Zahir tries unsuccessfully to have the Machinist use the phone to reply. In frustration, he decides to make a cloud to surround the phone, allowing the Machinist access.

Zahir arrives at the League of Legends Conference. As he sits at a computer, a nerd challenges him to the spot. “I will fry your brain with electricity,” is all Zahir says and the boy disappears. Zahir deletes his account and logs into a new server. He’s suddenly transported by screen to a square room, where they are using correspondence effects.

“Cheeto breath.”

“Chin beard cookie man.”

After they exchange the aforementioned codes, she gives him a digital file. It is encrypted schematics of door in Norad, which is home of the Technocracy. Zahir must break the code or she will be found out. He can’t use the same key she does. She says she has 2 weeks on door duty and when he decodes he can get back in touch with her.

A shrill scream interrupts Zahir’s conversation as the nerd walks up and realizes his account has been deleted.

Zahir logs out, gets up, and walks away without acknowledging the nerd.

Roth arrives at the 7th floor of the Plaza of the Rockies building and is standing outside of the door to “The Impulse.” He walks in and is greeted by ultra-modern furniture, with shades of red and white everywhere. As he walks in, there is a place to take his shoes off and a red box for him to take a number. The printout says, “L to the Left.”

Roth walks down past 2 doors—1 black and 1 silver. There is a gorgeous blonde in a bustier holding a clipboard. Roth knows he’s at the Cult of Ecstasy and simply tells the blond he is here for “business.” He then clarifies as she puts the clipboard away, “Here to see Hadaassah.”

As he enters the room, Hadaassah is surprised to see him. She says, “I didn’t expect to see you, but eventually, everyone comes to The Impulse.”

Hadassah is an information broker, and Roth seems to be all-business. However, Haddassah tries to tempt Roth by pulling down her robe, granting Roth an undeniably gorgeous view.

Roth says he’s looking into Dorian’s relationship with Barrera. He says he knows that Dorian’s job is for less-than-savory persons and he wants to know why and how Dorian is mixed up with that crowd.

Eleora & Genevieve:
Quinn is attempting to hire Genevieve and me to help him.

Genevieve steps away and to text Simon:

Then, Genevieve pulls me aside and I tell her I think we should take Quinn’s deal. It’s our best way to find out more. We agree.

We tell Quinn, “deal.” I’ll be helping Quinn get the Eye of Horace to the correct location, and in return Quinn will find the Codex Gigas. He then agrees if it is impossible to find the Codex, Quinn will owe Eleora a favor not to exceed $102,000.

Zahir meets Bartholomew. He wants to go straight to the top—to 455455IN (Assassin).

Assassin is fighting Isias verbally.

Isias asks Zahir if he is here on business and that Isias is happy to take his leave from Assassin so that he can talk to one of his people. As Isias departs he tells Zahir, “If Assassin isn’t helpful in aide, I’ll be happy to tell his parents.”

Zahir tells 455455IN that he has encrypted information and codes that need to be broken.

Assassin says he needs 2-3 days to break the code and then he ruins the phone and walks away from Zahir.

Hadaassah says she wants to know what the trade is for. She agrees to the following deal: Hadaassah will tell Roth about Dorian. Roth will show Hadaassah the Codex Gigas once he has it.

Roth then refuses to seal the deal with a kiss, so the deal is null and void.

I call my personal security team that has protected me before in the past. I tell them to expect the same wage, plus a bonus for the short notice. I ask them to meet me at my house and that discretion is of the utmost importance, as always.

5:00 pm***

Roth looks at Hadaassah’s schedule. She comes in for appointments for priority clients, only. Roth plans to meet her by “chance” to get the information he needs without the kiss, so he can keep the deal.

Genevieve goes to dinner at MacKenzie’s Chophouse with Simon to meet her father. She tells Simon, “My father’s approval doesn’t matter.”

Once they arrive at the restaurant, they are seated in the back booths, and it looks as if her father has had the rest of the restaurant cleared. They are the only ones there. Felix and Nigel, the two goons from the night before, stand near Mr. DeSantos.

Mr. DeSantos has Genevieve and Simon sit. He asks Simon some questions, and Simon talks about how he is going to become a children’s psychologist. Thirty minutes pass in awkwardness, as Simon tries to get over the fact that this man saw him naked the night before.

Texts the whole group the following message:

Eleora responds:

Genevieve gets the following text from Eleora:

Robert DeSantis wants Geneveive to come help his company with some image issues they are currently having. He tells her, “the world is risky in black market antiquities.” He says she has always been the saving face of their company and would make them more likeable.

Corin realizes no ne can go to the Library, but it must be protected immediately.

Corin knows that The Bone Gate has something that is trying to get through on the other side. He knows that this person started the fires. He knows that the Codex Gigas is the key. And he needs to find out who has the Codex Gigas, as it is what is needed to break through the Bone Gate.

I arrive at Hangar 18 at Peterson Air Field with my security team and Quinn. We are here to meet Quinn’s contact for the Eye.

As soon as we park, we are immediately surrounded. One person is in a car, 2 are outside, and 2 are right in front of me. All of them are holding guns.

Then, suddenly, Quinn’s contact is shredded by claws. The guys by the door attack and start shooting as claws go into them, and what is left of my security team is thrown into the wall.

While sitting at the table, suddenly the room is filled, and Genevieve, her father, and Simon’s heads are covered by black bags.

Roth & Zahir:
Standing outside the restaurant, they see two men literally come out of the brick wall.


Next saga to come within the week: “Pleased to Meet You.”

Diamonds & Guns

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