The Ties That Bind Are Tenuous Indeed

Show Down at the Playground

Roth headed back to the library and found out that the blood rooster ritual is one that is performed so that a possessing entity can permanently take possession of a body. The ritual needs a dagger (like the one found at Renner’s apartment) in order to be completed. Also, the ritual must be completed on a node of energy. If the ritual is done incorrectly, it will burn up the host body instead of allowing the spirit to possess it.

After learning this, Roth calls Hodges to warn him about the dagger and other items that had been found at Renner’s apartment. Hodges asks Roth if he knows anything about Christman (the man who Roth believes allowed his wife to die), as he has gone missing.

In a play to stop the possession from taking place, the gang heads up to The Devils Playground, figuring it is a likely location for the ritual to be set. It is crazy stormy out, and lightning is dancing around all over the place, casting strange shadows. Upon reaching the Playground, the group sees 6 rocks arranged in a circle with one central rock in the middle. Bound to the center stone, which is clearly intended to serve as an alter for the ritual, is Jane George, the 7th missing girl. Additionally, there is a man in a suit who has been blindfolded and bound to an upside down “u” of rebar within the circle. Jeremy Renner is there, too.

Zahir spots a glint in the darkness just as an unseen sniper takes his shot. Zahir ducks just in time to avoid creating an icky splatter pattern. A fight ensues:

Renner raises his dagger; Zahir enchants the bullets in his gun using Prime; the sniper shoots again but misses; Genevieve fails to make Renner’s hand cramp so that he will drop the dagger; Roth tries to age Jane to death so that she cannot be sacrificed.

We kind of sucked at everything we tried, and Jane gets stabbed. Oops. Eleora, however, seemed to be in control of her power, and was able to channel the wind and blow Renner back from Jane after he stabbed her.

With Jane bleeding out on the alter, Renner goes for an insurance policy… he grabs the sniper and stabs him, too. Now if either one of the victims dies, the ritual will still be complete. Genevieve runs to Jane, with a plan to heal her; Roth attempts his aging tactic on Renner, and this time it is successful; Eleora channels some more wind and blasts Renner backwards onto a rocky point, impaling him.

Renner then grabs the man in the suit, who turns out to be Christman, and attempts to use him as a human shield; Genevieve is able to stabilize Jane; Roth grabs Renner and continues to age him.

Renner attempts to kill Christman by snapping his neck, but can’t seem to muster the strength in his “old age”. Zahir finally gets that gun working, and shoots Renner in the head.

Jane awakens after being healed. In the aftermath, Isais take’s Renner’s body to be examined. Roth pocketed the ritual bone knife, and takes it to Nikos.

About a Month Later…

Zahir has been working on his Internal Self-Actuation Projector, but there seems to be a bug. His avatar is projected, but can’t be dismissed. It makes for an awkward meeting at King’s Chef Diner with Corrin and the gang later.

Eleora is suspicious about Dorian’s new job, which is requiring him to pick up a shipment for Old World Aesthetics at 1am.

Roth receives a call from Nikos to start trailing somebody.

Simon gets rouged up by two men in suits, who turn out to be Genevieve’s dad’s hired goons. Mr. DeSantis extends an invitation to Genevieve and Simon for dinner. It doesn’t seem like there’s really any choice in whether or not they will accept.

While the gang is chowing down at King’s Chef, Eleora receives a “911” text from Dorian, who is at her place. She leaves suddenly, and when she arrives home, she finds blood on the doorknob and some odd scrapes on the ground outside her door. Upon entering the apartment, she sees Dorian lying on top of a shipping crate with strange carvings on it. He has been shot. Unsure of what else to do, Eleora calls the only supernatural healer she’s pals with… Genevieve. After some tense negotiations about what will and will not remain confidential in exchange for her help, Gen agrees to heal Dorian, and sets to work.

As her healing ritual concludes, the girls start to hear a knocking coming from inside the shipping crate. Using Gen’s Mind magic and Eleora’s skills at ??? the girls determine that the box contains a mummy. More specifically, it contains Quinn Westshire, a British archaeologist who disappeared from an Egyptian excavation site in 1887. He convinces the girls to let him out of the box, and tells them that he’s on the run… from DeSantis International. Genevieve just knew it couldn’t be a coincidence that her father had happened to show up earlier that morning.

Back at King’s Chef Diner, Corrin tells Roth what exactly his position as the guard of the Benedictine undercellar does for him: he won’t age, but he has to return to the area every 72 hours or he will be compelled to do so.

After brunch, Zahir goes shopping for a new car—per the urging of his invisible avatar—and ends up purchasing a Vespa instead.

Roth receives a request from Nikos to go see Donna (the vampire chick) about a gathering darkness in the Springs. He is told to speak to someone at The Impulse.

…And that’s where we’ll pick up next time, folks!



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