The Ties That Bind Are Tenuous Indeed


Those were some messed up dimensional beings that had just crossed over — cowards, but messed up. Thanks to the residual proximity kinetics, Zahir was able to escape, just barely. Rothas Nesimi and Genevieve DeSantis emerged from a nearby passage, and the runes guarding this ancient library sprang to life.

Things seemed safe for the time being and, reunited, the group took time to pour over the knowledge in the area — mostly looking for knowledge regarding the Grigori, Gigas, or the Codex Gigas.

Zahir scoured for ancient formulae, schematics, or alchemical notes, but found zilch — these holy guys weren’t much fun. He did find a complex diagram detailing the “angelic choirs” and their “demonic” counterparts — super-science wrapped in myth and veiled in religion.


Genevieve discovered a text by Gerard de la Croix, who once studied the Codex Gigas. The book itself could stain a soul — it was a caul. An unwary individual who read the book could be transformed into a nephandis as the book consumed their soul. It was filled with summoning rites, but their use would damn a soul for eternity.

p.Roth must have received some sort of mental imprint overlay, because he was guiding them through the library like he’d lived there for years. Eventually, they emerged to the pre-dawn twilight in a muddy apple orchard near Highway 83.

Upon exiting, the group received simultaneous voicemails as their phones regained semi-crummy signals in the early Colorado light. “Bartholomew Hastings here,” it said. “Chamberlain of the Council. Please meet at noon — ”/campaigns/the-ties-that-bind-are-tenuous-indeed/characters/isias-moreno" class=“wiki-content-link”>Isias would like to check on your progress." Typical Hermes tightwad.

Zahir headed home, ready for bed. He was awakened by a text from Genevieve — “What were those things?” “They were djinn, simpleton,” he snapped. “Now let me sleep.”

Genevieve met with Corin, and told him everything. He was incredulous, but warned them to be careful.

At the Sanctum Quietus, Isias asked questions and Genevieve provided answers. He idly pondered whether there could be some nephandis or witterslaynt activity, and decided to leave the group intact, and advised we learn our strengths and weaknesses.

Roth looked a bit more into the Twilight Killer, and found they were all trolls from CCC downtown, and taken from clubs. (And not like fae trolls – just an unkind pejorative for some homely ladies.)

Rested up, there was business to attend to for Elora — and her business became group business. They headed to see the primogen of the Nosferatu in town. He’s probably the one guy in town worse looking than the Twilight Killer girls. After a misunderstanding at the beginning, they learned he had been hired to erase the 911 tapes in exchange for services and information — such as a warning to evac the area early. He says a guy named Abednego hired them — and he creeped the Nosferatu out. He had a black cane with a silver handle, but it didn’t seem like he needed it to walk. Classy like.

That coming Friday, Roth paid a visit to Rodriguez’s house and played producer for the newest Vines Gone Wild on his house. Just because he could. Each member of the group received a bracelet and invitation to Southside Johnny’s. The bracelets were labeled with HTIW. Zahir spent the morning speaking with his Technocracy contact and working on a Dimensional Being Static Neutralizer — or as some would term, a demon trap. The others probably wasted their brain cells on mundane tasks like technocracy television propaganda, but they all wound up at Southside Johnny’s that evening.

HTIW stood for *H*ow *T*errible *I*s *W*isdom — quite apparent from all the tour and band merchandise littering the place. Some band covered Possum Kingdom by the Toadies, opening up for Oedipus Rex and the MILFs.

It didn’t take long before Lenny spotted Roth though — tin foil hat, lead lined diapers, and hard on for the chupacabra. His napkin was filled with gibberish. He predicted the Twilight Killer was going to, “switch it up tonight,” and was not a vampire. There was an emergent pattern of clubs the Twilight Killer had been hitting — Southside Johnny’s, Blondies, and Manson.

Roth squinted and scanned the crowd, looking for a girl who matched the victim profile. He looked over the plain girl several times. Working with Zahir’s brilliant tracking tool, Roth set-up a tracking device on the girl by raising her hopes and then expertly dashing them.

Before he can track her, though, Roth is called away by Detective Hodges. All of the Twilight victims were hung in the dining room of a nice house. Six broads, bled dry, with two puncture marks apiece. Blood was everywhere, saturating the carpet til it oozed red. The dinner table read, “ANAGENNISI.”

The plain girl left the club with a good looking man — not the kind she could usually score. Absent Roth, Zahir took things into his own hands and tracked them with the subtlety of a rampaging super science deathbot [note to self: rampaging super science deathbot]. He led her into an alley….



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