Plot Tie-In

Each player to chose one of the following at character creation, and when the GM deems appropriate

The head of your Tradition has deemed you worthy to have an apprentice, someone even more lost than you. You are to protect them, train them, and guided to be a productive member of Tradition society.
Positive – You have a lacky: to aid you in rituals, run errands, do research, basically anything you want.
Negative – You have a dependent you are responsible for. If he screws up, it is your head. If he gets hurt, or God forbid, killed yours is the head that will roll.

Your awakening has not been all sunshine and roses. Somewhere along the line, maybe even from a past life, you were cursed. The doom hangs over you, and taints your interactions with those that know about it
Positive – Start the game with 5 XP extra, and earn an extra XP each session when the curse is in play.
Negative – Mwahahahahahaha, also -2 die from social pools when dealing with those that know of your curse. You are a walking timebomb after all.

Cross Tradition Romance
You have found solace in the arms of another mage, a true boon in these troubled and chaotic times. However, they are from another tradition. While this is not normally an issue, you often find your relationship tested when tensions flair.
Positive – You have a safe haven to retire too, and a peer to have access too, whenever you need.
Negative – If this information got out, you both would be targeted by both of your traditions. Used as pawns, they would seek to gain advantage over the others, you and your lover be damned.

Ties to
Vampires – The undead society festers in the heart of all cities, and the Springs is no different. But you have found an ally in the Byzantium labyrinth of their politics, and have reached a mutual beneficial arrangement.
Changelings – Those kidnapped by the fey return to this world with two things: beautiful scaring from whatever their alien masters used them for, and fear of being taken back to Arcadia. You have inroads into this world of madness and beauty, and while they chose to keep a low profile, the magic of the fey is potent in these cast offs.
Werewolves – The wild places of the Rockies hold sites of great power. Werewolf packs treat with ancient spirits and slip into the spiritual plane of the Umbra with ease far beyond that of the Traditional mages. The spirits walk with the wolves, and you walk with them as well.
Technocracy – The enemy. Drones programmed to end the wonder of magic and your way of life. Or perhaps, just a joe like you, fighting for ideals dictated from on high. You don’t agree, sometimes you don’t even like each other, but most of the time you try to make sure you both don’t die in the crossfire.

Positive – You have access to allies and aid outside of the purview of the average mage.
Negative – You often get called upon to return the favor.

Position Within the Council
Justice – You are the Justice of the Sanctum Quietus, charged with meting out the Chantry’s judgement. They are the ruling body of mages, and you are their strong right arm
Librarian – The halls of Sanctum Quietus hold the collective magical knowledge of all mages who have passed through the Springs. And you have been appointed caretaker of this knowledge. You have access to, and are required to find, a vast wealth of knowledge. No of it is yours, and much of it lies beyond your ken.
Herald – The Chantry must communicate with its members, and you job is to see their missives get into the right hands. You have the protection of the Council, and they frown on people killing their messenger. You are empowered to go where you want in the Springs, and to deliver the word of the Council.

Positive – Each of these roles brings significant political power. You are enmeshed in the structure of the Springs’ Council.
Negative – Each of these roles paints a target on your back. You are the envy of all mages who see you as a body filling their position. Yes you have power, and yes the Council should protect you….. But in the day to day of this world of darkness, all their guarantees mean nothing if you can’t hold the position for yourself.

Plot Tie-In

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