The Ties That Bind Are Tenuous Indeed

Pleased to Meet You

Eye of Horace Auction that Changes Everything...

“Pleased to Meet You”

I awoke to the smell of copper. I hear the unmistakable sound of crunching bones.

Quinn asks, “Hey, what the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Hairy hand says, “Get in the Warehouse”. He’s a werewolf man. Not good.

I can smell Clive Christian perfume, the unmistakable scent of Donna Barrera. She walks into the warehouse. She says something in Spanish, which I don’t understand.

There are 6 cracks of thunder and all of the werewolves fall to the ground. Dead.

Donna says that when she was called in, she owned the box. She gives me a side hug and I can’t feel her body heat…creepy.

Gavin says, “Pleased to meet you.”

Donna tells him to take care of Dorian. She invites me to the auction for the box’s contents and that my invitation is to come. She suggests that Gavin comes to the auction with me to introduce himself to the key players.

“Bollocks!” Quinn admonishes.

Roth & Zahir:
Bam. They hit the wall.

Roth declares, “I’m training you, Librarian.”

Zahir pulls out larger than normal revolver and parts of brick fly out. Shards of the building.

Michael appears, who claims he was sent by Corin. Michael says he is an expert on the Codex Gigas and an expert on Gregon.

Genevieve and Simon:
Genevieve and Simon sit in a car for about 30 minutes in the back of a unusually clean van.

Simon oofs when he’s hit.

Robert DeSantis oofs when he’s hit, and the sound lets Genevieve know he’s been gagged.

The three are placed on hard wooden Middle School chairs and they are hand cuffed behind their back.

The trio hears an argument behind the door, but only one side of the conversation.

Door slides on wheels on a track, and there is an uncanny sound of a cane rapping on the linoleum floor.

Genevieve’s dad is on her right, and he’s hit with a cane. “That’s for looking into my affairs. Nice to meet you Simon and Genevieve. You’ve heard my name, Abendego. The artifact was not meant for you. Never meant for you. This is why you didn’t win it. Genevieve you don’t know your importance. Tell your group to stay out of my business.”

Simon tries to protect Genevieve, which pushes one of the bad guys. The guy gets angry and Genevieve hears a chop and feels something squishy hit her lap.

Genevieve’s blindfold is removed by Corin and Ulric. She sees her dad’s hand on a butcher block…not connected to his body…and his body hunched over as he is unconscious.

Ulric kills a guard from the biker gang. Then he slaps Simon in the face.

Genevieve uses her father’s phone to call 911 and leave it in his pocket.

Roth takes Michael to the French Library through the tunnel. As always, Micahel is enthralled with the library and is so excited to use the secret path.

Corin takes Genevieve and Simon in his Fiat back toward the El Paso Club. Genevieve feels a little bad for leaving her dad bleeding, but she can’t be held up as part of that situation. Plus, he kind of had it coming.

Eleora drives her no longer pristine white vehicle, while a stressed Quinn keeps yelling at her, “You’re driving on the wrong side of the road!” Eleora thinks that losing the Eye of Horace could mean something big is on the horizon. She doesn’t know what Donna’s invitation means for her and her future.

Roth has an interest in the path and anyone who walks the path in the big and bad scary world. Bad stuff from consciousness is what links us together, according to Roth. Although this has never been tried in this exact way; however, this is what caused the Ice Ages in the past. The Seal between the ways is failing and they will keep hunting him—this is the only thing he is certain about in this uncertain time.

11:00 pm***
The group, except for Roth, Corin and Michael, all converge at the El Paso Club.

Quinn gives Gavin a piece of mummy bone says, “Ha! You’ve been boned by a mummy.” Eleora and Genevieve rolls their eyes. Silly mummy.

The group is able to convene as much of the council as possible on the short notice, including Isaias, Meaveen, Hadaassah, and Ulric.

Gavin was lead here by individuals who are in the area because of the forest fires. They are trying to figure out who started them.

Zahir exclaims, “I should be in charge of Gavin.” Gavin responds that no one can control him.

Roth, Corin, and Michael:
Corin is obviously super excited, but knows that he needs to be focused, so takes a few deep breaths. Corin is moving quickly around and Michael follows Roth into the library. The trio stalk throughout the room and notice something immediately.

The Bone Gate appears to be moved—and trails that look like something got out. Yikes.

Michael says he can track it, but it’ll take time. He asks Roth for a cell phone, stating he’ll call him when he’s ready.

Bartholomew walks up to Eleora and hands her an invite to Donna’s party tomorrow for the bidding for the Eye. The invitation reads: Tomorrow evening. Bring one unique thing for your bid.

Genevieve & Meaveen stand in the corner conversing about Abendgo.

Nikos walks in and is clearly upset. He refuses to divulge the reasoning.

Gavin shares that he is here to kill Nefandus. And with that lovely revelation, the group decides to call it a night and find their own potential object for the bid tomorrow evening.


Gavin decides to go to the Ritz Grill and get some voodoo chicken, which happens to be Lear’s favorite. Then he decides to use it as a bribe to get Lear’s help. When he comes upon Lear, he’s sucking on a bag of blood. Disgusting.

Meanwhile, Donna at Blondie’s bar declares, “I don’t do this for what is given, but to see what people will give up.” All Donna wants is me as a vampire forever. Shit.


Zahir gathers his Z-Rays in order to give to Janna on espresso. According to him, Z-Rays are the creator of genetics and Janna was not happy about everyone going into the room. Janna is now gone. She can’t be found by anyone. Zahir remains undaunted the his Z-Ray gun is what Donna will want.

Upon seeing Zahir and his Z-Rays, the group berate him regarding sperm jokes. As usual, not the most creative.

Gavin wakes up in a scary hotel, which offers to allow him to pay by the hour, day, or week. Instead, he calls Roth.

Thus, we learned about Gavin. He is well connected. He helped the Prince of Chicago, but he won’t discuss any additional details. This is why Donna gave him a favor; they are connected through the Princes.

Genevieve asks Sarah for 1 liter of her blood. She said she would disassociate the DNA and it would allow her to keep her safe. Genevieve thinks that this would be a potential object Donna might accept, as she is a fae.

Roth and Corin think the best potential object for Donna will be to find a book that walks the fine line of interesting, but does not destroy the world. This is all Roth can agree to giving Donna.

Eleora still doesn’t know what she can give a vampire who has everything…unless she decides to give herself, which Donna has not-so-subtly hinted she wants. Eleora wakes up and Quinn wrote in hieroglyphics all over Dorian’s face. Jeez. What a pain.

Zahir and Genevieve work together on a DNA decentrifrigulator in order to extract DNA.

Roth and Shadem escape from the Bone Gate. There they have determined every soul has two outcomes: the brightest destiny or the darkest fate. However, it looks as if people are being pushed more toward darkness because the Bone Gate is open. This is not good.

Michael walks up to Roth and tells him that Gavin should be accepted by the group. The only elaboration that Michael provides regarding Gavin is that he has “good heart.”

Michael also shares that after a lot of research, it looks as if the Eye of Horace is the only thing that can close the Bone Gate now that it has been opened and the creature has escaped. He also cautions the group that the Eye will not provide an immediate closure, and that it will take 5-6 weeks for the Bone Gate to be closed.

Corin says he found two potential objects for the auction tonight. He found the Grinmore, which is a mind mage mage book. He also has found the Ercies Fragmaur, which is only fragment stories about time f flood when Gregory fell. This book is older than most vampire records, so Donna will like it.

Michael’s last words regarding Gavin: “He has a hole in his mind. Some holes are meant to keep things out, and some are meant to keep things in.” Yeah, that’s really comforting.

Broadmoor Evening Auction***
Zahir takes his Z-Ray gun, knowing it is definitely what Donna will want. Genevieve has the blood of a fae, obtained earlier from Sarah. Roth brings both books, deciding it is better to have another object up his sleeve, if necessary. Eleora is empty handed, but doesn’t tell the group.

Immediately, the group notices that the valet are hitmarks who are usually hired to kill mages, but tonight is different. Tonight, they are safe, because that is the way Donna Barrera wants it.

Hadaassah is also present. There are thousand-dollar suits everywhere (trust me, when you see them all the time you know the difference), sheiks, and businessmen from the Far East.

I notce that there is a group of people with animalistic features and some sort of fire on their arms.
Gavin notices that Lear is here.
Genevieve and Roth notice that Abendego is here.
Zahir is oblivious.

Donna walks in with The Gentlemen. We all know these men are protecting her and will happily kill anyone who does something wrong, including looks.

The bidding begins and offers pour in:
• Souls of musicians under 27. (Yikes. That sounds pretty awful for those poor kids who don’t even know.)
• Hadaassah offers a night with her. (She may be a little conceited, but she is the head of the Cult of Ecstasy.)
• Gavin offers a forgotten life time. (Yes, meaning he’s going to share what the hole in his head is…even if it what is keeping him and the rest of us safe.)
• Zahir offers his Z-Ray generator. (Yep, I still don’t know what that is.)
• Finally, seeing none of those thinks are sparking her interest, and since Roth’s books seem relatively un-impressive against all of the aforementioned bids, I do what I must. I say, “Donna, I offer you what you want from me more than anything else, in 1 year and 1 day from now.”

With that final bid, Donna shuts down shop. I’m the lucky winner. Yay. But for some reason, I don’t feel like jumping for joy. Instead, I’m fighting to keep down my dinner. I walk up to Donna to sign my contract with blood, the only way a Prince will accept. Donna says if the Eye of Horace is taken within 366 days, Donna will hunt it down. And it won’t be pretty. Gulp.

Abendego stops Genevieve and tells her, “You haven’t been listening. I’ll need to go up higher next time.”

Zahir sells The Gentlemen the Z-Ray Generator without the power supply in order to get into NORAD, but it will still take time.

Roth talks to Donna one-on-one and offers the Ercies Fragmaur, but Donna won’t give up her contract with Eleora. Roth can tell that Donna is possessive and wants to keep Eleora.

So, the Eye of Horaces goes to Donna’s house and Quinn continues to stay with me in my bungalow.

And that’s where this merry little tale ends for now…I’m secretly spending the past two months with Dorian, my secret boyfriend. I’m treasuring every moment we have together, because before long, I won’t have those moments. I’ll be immortal with Donna and her drone. Forever. Quinn is getting used to living in my bungalow. I am meeting with Isias to see if there is any way out of my deal, but he can’t think of anything. He’s already determining who can take my spot as the future head of our house. Bummer doesn’t even begin to cover it.



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