Hadaassah Al-Tih

Head of the Cult of Ecstasy


Little is known about Hadassah before she arrived in the Springs on Ulric Stokke’s arm. They two were inseparable. Their life together ended three years ago when the dreamspeaker, Ulric, was captured. It is unknown who or what took him, and where he was held. What is known is that Hadassah went on a crusade to recover him, and when they came back, they were not the same.

Hadassah acquired a ruthlessness that lead her to challenging the head of the Cult for leadership. She shunted him outside of time, trapping him there like a fly in amber. She has never said why she did this, nor has she demonstrated Master level magic since then.

However, every mage in the Springs knows Hadassah, and she would not have it any other way. If you want something bad enough, you always end up at the door to her apartment.

Hadaassah Al-Tih

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