The Ties That Bind Are Tenuous Indeed

The shorter version

Brother Caleb


-Genevieve wakes up from a good night’s sleep after a full evening of her favorite Hasbro games with Simon like strip twister and fuck Yatzee.
-Shortly after waking, she receives a call from Corin. Some witty banter and, quite frankly, blatant flirting occurs, but Corin finally reveilles that the book we’re looking for is on display in Switzerland.

-Zahir continues working on Internal self-actuation portal, when Yana comes to talk. She reveals that there’s a mole in the technocracy that’s feeding us information? She suggests trying to find out who it might be, and letting her know.

-Roth was visited from the head of the Front Range Dreamspeakers. He reveals that it’s been his dreams that have led us to this investigation.
-Lenny (a crazy contact) calls, tells of girls gone missing from clubs downtown. Sketchy, but usually accurate.
-Roth calls Rick who is shocked to find out that I know about the girls going missing. He says that their (CSPDs) investigations show them to be homely looking girls, but no bodies have been found. He also gives the heads up that two units/4 cops are at Bennit hill.

-Eleora meets with hot Latina vampire, Donna Bererra(sp?).
Wants to make deal with Eleora, “Tell me what you know and I’ll tell what happened to the 911 tapes.”
-She tells us that the vamps were warned about the fires, and someone named Lear was responsible for the erased 911 tapes.


-Roth sneaks in with magic
-Genevieve sets up sense mind…prevent ambush
-Zahir botches getting through tile and gets clay hands (6 scenes?)
-Eleora puts magnetic charge to the tile and it opens easily
-We go down the stairs (60 feet) to find a large stone door with an inscription
-Saying the words of “Benedict hold keys of truth, the vaults hold more than words”
Has weird set of symbols
-Genevieve gets door open, opens to square room with circle on floor(sealed door on one end and archway on the other end)
-The room is made of old world limestone
-Pictures of Benedict throughout…seems to be story of giants
-Zanir teleports to other side of door, notices dead wards, library on one side and cells on the other
-Zanir scares off specters
-Genevieve and Roth set to work on deciphering a phrase using a key.
-We pray to Benedict, brother Caleb forms in front of us…says some stuff (probably irrelevant but just don’t remember) and reveals that the codex is actually here.
-Roth becomes the guardian of the walled library.


-Investigate demons at start of next session in library.



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